About Me

Here’s my confession…. my name’s Helen and I’m a nom nom nerd. I’m a nutrition anorak. I am a food nut. I obsess over the science behind food and how it can help keep my family and me healthy and nourished. I use food to help us run faster, samba quicker, bike harder and get more balls in the back of the net. And I use food to bond family and friends together and bring HAPPINESS!!!!

Food makes me smile everyday and by sharing this on my little blog I hope I can make you smile too. With my 10 years experience as an NHS registered dietitian and subsequent 6yrs freelance nutrition & dietetic work I also hope to impart some pearls of wisdom. Come join me on this journey into the world of food nuts & tasty news headlines. Let’s mull over the ingredients given to us and come up with the best recipe for a fuller more nourished life.

I’ll help you eat REAL FOOD and feel better for it.

Helen at a cafe with her children